Thursday, July 17, 2008

Grandma Gillespie

Grandma Gillespie is such a fun Grandma. She loves to play with the boys every time we come over. They love when she reads to them books (she never reads the words, she just makes up new stories each time). They love bubbles so Grandma will blow them for hours.

Grandma isn't afraid of the dirt, she gets right in the sand box. We would like to wish her good luck and tell her that she is in our prayers. The next 3 months she will be undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. We know our Grandma will be just fine. Grandma is optomistic, and has a upbeat personality. If anyone can get through these next months she can. We love you and can't wait untill you feel better to play.

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lindseyj said...

Wow, that's tough. I hope everything goes well for her. We'll be thinking about you guys...