Sunday, September 25, 2011

Going with Dad

Last week we all went with Dad hunting. Paul went hunting and we just camped. We went up past Strawberry Reservoir, clear up in the mountains. Where there is no bathrooms, no water nothing other than trees, dirt, and wild life. We got there near dark, so Paul helped me get the tent up and left us to set up the rest. Wyatt and Dean helped me jump on the beds as I made them.
When Paul got back to camp we were all ready for bed. I asked Paul if he saw anything, He said "I saw a monster elk". Wyatt's eyes got huge and asked his dad if it was a real monster. Going to bed in a cold tent wasn't as easy as we wished it would have been. Wyatt and Dean kept bouncing around on the beds. So we turned out the lantern, then Dean lost it. He cried and cried until he threw up in the tent. Even after we got the boys calmed down and a sleep they didn't sleep that well. So it was a long night for us. The next morning Paul left again really early to go out to try to slay an elk. We got up and ate breakfast then got back into our tent, it was cold.

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