Thursday, January 20, 2011

January White Powder Days

There is nothing funnier in January to do than go skiing with Grammy and Grandpa. Wyatt got to take his first ski lessons at Park City. He was super excited. He got to take the "Man Lift" as he called it, several times. On one of the runs the trainer had to allow him to go down to the lodge all by himself because some of the other students had fallen and Wyatt had passed them up. He said he didn't get scared he just found another trainer and stayed in place and waited for his trainer.

Wyatt is the one in the camo jacket. He loves camo!!!!
Dean got to go with Grandpa. He came down several times and within a couple of lessons was stopping by himself. He even made a few turns.

The second day of lessons. Jack came out to ski with his cousin. It was nonstop talking between the two of them of what to do and what not to do, where to go and where they haven't been. They both did wonderful on the two runs down the hill. Next year they will be out of control.
Gracie made an appearance with her new ski clothes and hat. She was a little too little to go on the boards.
Hi Grammy ...

Wyatt is the second from the red jacket trainer. He is doing great with the turns.

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Chambo's said...

I love it, makes me think of how you used to sneak me in up at Park city handing out treats to the cute boys on the lift.