Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wyatt 6th birthday

Wyatt's 6th birthday was a week long event this year. Grandma G came and took Wyatt to lunch, then to the pet store and bought him a fish, which he named Spinney. Then his Grammy bought him some fun toy which he got a week or two early. Then we had a small birthday party with a few friends and his favorite cousin Noah. The party was a few days before his real birthday because we had a family reunion to go to on his birthday. At the family reunion I made cupcakes and had more presents for Wyatt. Then a day after Grandma S brought him more gifts. Wow this kid is loved.
a funny story about Spinney. Grandma and Wyatt had just brought him home. We set up his fish bowl. They got the tree, rocks, and a boat you can barely see. Well Spinney was testing out the water and went into the boat then tryed to come out the window. He was so stuck! Grandma was like "is he OK he doesn't look good." Both Wyatt and I came to the rescue. I held on to the boat and Wyatt pulled him out. Safe to say, he made it through his first day with the Gillespies without see the toilet bowl.

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