Thursday, June 17, 2010

Teeball 2010

Wyatt got to play Tee ball this year. We love this league Every game each team has 3 innings up to bat every player gets to hit in each inning. The rules for 3 outs don't apply but they are learning how to get kids out. so everyone is a winner. I think that bugs Wyatt a little. at first Wyatt would ask at the end of games who won. The coaches would say well we both did. Wyatt wasn't very happy with that but what do lie. Tee ball is really funny to watch kids trying to throw the ball to no one, kids tackling 3 others for the ball, or they are in their own world out in the outfield. I seen grass fights (by my own son) and dancing and the runners catching the ball and throwing it in (not by Wyatt). Who knows if Baseball is Wyatt's deal but he has had fun playing.

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