Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gracie's Crib is up

We got the crib up finally now that she is almost 4 months. We waited because its up in the boys room. "They say three is a crowed" but it's not that bad. The other night we put them all to sleep in their room and we had to do a little dance. Our celebration was short lived. I had to feed Gracie a few times and Dean wandered in some time around 3. What can you say it a start. I love my bedding and mobile because I made it. I have more pictures on my showoff craft blog. you just need to click on the side. This picture is really funny. W and G are in there jams but D is not. Lately Dean is always changing into them several times a day.

Gracie loves going to sleep now. You could say she's sleeping like a baby. hehehe


MaryLee said...

Adorable bedding. You are so talented!

lindseyj said...

CUTE Ammie! That last picture of her sleeping is amazing!

Dixons said...

You seriously kill me! I can't believe you made that incredible mobile. And I love the bedding. You're amazing! I haven't blog-stalked forever, fun to see all the cute pics of your fam. That little girl is beautiful! I'm in love with her smile!