Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wyatt lost his 1st tooth

On Friday Wyatt lost his first tooth. I didn't think it would ever come out, because I made the mistake of telling him it would bleed. We were all out with Tawine, Grandma and Grandpa Gillespie, and all of our cousins. We went to the Bean museum at BYU. I forgot my camera but its so fun. They have lots and lots of animals more than the local Zoo. They are not moving if you know what I mean but they are right in front of your face, not hiding in a ball in some tree. Then we went to the BYU's creamery. Grandpa bought us all a kid's cone. Wyatt's last bite of his cone is what made it fall out. I had to get napkins for the little bit of blood but it wasn't as bad as Wyatt thought it would be. I almost lost the tooth before the tooth fairy could come and get it. Thank goodness the tooth fairy came and brought quarters and gum, just like when I was a kid. Wyatt thought the tooth fairy should bring him a twenty. We had to tell him that she couldn't give twentys to every kid around the world. Wyatt has another loose tooth so we'll see how long it takes him this time.

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