Tuesday, December 15, 2009

temple square

With the help of my Mom, we went to temple square to see the Christmas lights. She encouraged us to go and she would watch Gracie so we didn't have to take her out in the cold. My Mom had this great plan for us to go up early, see the lights and go out to eat after. When she has these ideas she should have called temple square to tell them. We showed up at dark which is 5:30pm but the lights don't come on until 6pm. We had to wait out in the cold and in the dark. I made us stand by the red pine (my favorite) to see them all come on. You can't tell but Nick and Brittany came with us. I'm glad she came she had never been inside temple square to see the lights or the nativity. We ran through it really fast because Paul wasn't too thrilled about being there in the first place. After we all went for a burger and cheese fries. it was fun...

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