Monday, August 17, 2009

Wantabe Batmens!!!!!

Surprising enough Grammy and Grandpa both got a motorcycle. These are special motorcycles where it doesn't take a lot of talent to balance them, you just get on the motors and go. Well the boys thought they were way cool. Grandpa told Wyatt that Grammy's bike went faster than his and so he needed to ride with her. While I am in St. George, Wyatt told me that he had so much fun because Grammy's bike went 200 mph and Grandpa's only went 100 mph. Thank goodness I trust my parents to know they really wouldn't go that fast, especially with my two precious boys.

They had so much fun that Dean refused to take his helmet and arm pads out to bring them home, he wanted to leave them in grandpa's motor's trunk. He wanted to be ready when they went on another ride.

My mom reports that next trip will be with super cool motorcycle helmets and on the big road, not with ski and bike helmets going through the neighborhood. Next trip to Grandma's house has not been planned, actually may never be planned.

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Stephanie Gering said...

I saw one of these in LA when they first came out. I wish I could have test drove it. Lucky boys.