Monday, June 8, 2009

Pool #2

Does this picture off the box look like the same size of pool the boys are in?

we are on pool number two already. I think the boys were sad on how small it turned out. I just have to wait and see what they think of it when it has water.


KatiK said...

Hahaha! We bought the zebra pool and had the exact same misleading experience. Gracie said "Mom, this is NOT the same pool that's on the picture. It's a BABY pool." They managed to have fun with it anyway. Funny!

Team Chamberlain said...

I love it, on our blog I posted a pic of a very similar experience with being lied and tricked into buying a swim pool that I thought would change our very summer fun experience forever... too bad it sucked

larawashington said...

My neighbor got that pool last year, and suffered the same disappointment. Gotta love photoshop!