Monday, March 16, 2009

St.Pattys Parade 2009

Grammy insisted that everyone go to the parade this year even Paul. He wasn't that happy about it, but Paul came, and in the picture he is even smiling but I think he faked it. It was a nice 40* outside and hundreds of crazies came out to watch more crazies walk down the street with green wigs and kilts on. I'm also a crazy because I was loving the whole thing. This parade is really long it should be 2 hours. We left 2 and1/2 hours and it still was going strong. St. Patty parade has lots of dogs and horses in it, which Jack and Dean loved. Wyatt was loving the candy that they would throw out. Paul and Grandpa Gary stood in the sun the whole time, they would also take the boys up and down the escalator. Grammy took us out to lunch after. We had a great time this year, can't wait until next year.

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