Saturday, February 14, 2009


We have had a great Valentines day. Wyatt got to make his first Valentines box and pass out valentines to his preschool class. We made valentines for all of Wyatt and Dean's friends and cousins that we will pass out today. Paul had flowers sent to the house, my favorite, tulips. I got the boys a valentine video. Which they are watching as we speak.

Grammy played a trick on us this year. She told Wyatt to be looking for a valentine in the mail. So everyday Wyatt would bug me. He would ask a few times a day, "Mom have you checked the mail yet. I have something coming from Grammy." Finally after a week and two days the valentine came. Come to find out Grammy waited a week to send it. I'm going to kill her if she does that again. But the boys loved their valentines that came with 10 bucks, which we have already blew on Legos.

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Melissa said...

So fun! Good job to Paul with the flowers! I love tulips too! Someday I'll plant some in my yard! I bet the boys will love their movie!!