Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa 2008

We made it, we saw Santa. We risked our lives driving in a blizzard, but the boys sat on Santa's lap and told Santa to come to our house. I was not looking forward to going to the mall but we put our snow tires on and went today. I was really surprised there was only 4 families in front of us in line. While in line, Dean pointed and said Santa, it was so cute. Wyatt and I practiced what he was going to say and he did great. After we had lunch and got our last gift, it was kind of fun other than I was pushing Dean in the stroller and piggybacking Wyatt on my back. Wyatt has his dad's mall walking stamina which is about 5 minutes. I'm so glad that was over. Next year we have to find a Santa out of the mall.

Wyatt has asked for shake and go dragsters. Dean asked for choo choos. That sounds easy enough.

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The Clarks said...

Hey Just wanted to let you know that Santa comes to Cableas. its way closer and the santa out there is so cute! Hope you had a good christmas