Monday, November 24, 2008

Bathroom #1

Paul agreed to redo the bathroom for our Christmas. Our really old bathroom was falling down into the crawl space. It was always so gross even after I would bleach the heck out of it. Also the cracked window showed us naked in the shower to our new neighbors. When you give Paul an idea he runs with it. So the next day he called his dad Dan to come help and they where tearing up the bathroom. Everything is going, floor, walls, ceiling, bath, sink, and window. I couldn't but help with the demo. I figured I couldn't stand it, I should be the one tearing it apart. That same day I started to feel sick, at one point I had to stop the demo so I could sit on the toilet, but no toilet it was now in the backyard. So first day wasn't as exciting as I had dreamed about. Paul and Dan got everything out, the new sheet rock up and the window in on the first day. That night Paul started to get sick to. I told him to sleep overnight with me at his mom and dad's house where there was a nice warm toilet in the next room, but he didn't, so he was outside going to the bathroom in a bucket.
Day 2 Paul, Dan and Ammie got the bath tub in, sheet rock up and it mudded and taped.
Day 3 more mud, tile started and watched the big BYU game with the whole family at our house no toilet.
Day 4 Sunday church Wyatt gave his first talk.
Day 5 well Dan is here and Paul is not, Paul is off building a wall trying to earn some $$$. So I will keep you updated. PS. I made Paul put in the toilet just on the sheeting. Melissa thank you, but we won't be coming over every few hours to use your toilet.


This is torture for a sick person with two kids.


Rachel said...

I am excited to see the pictures of your bathroom when it is finished. Good luck until then . . .

Sadie said...

It looks great!