Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Week

Our Halloween this year was really a week long almost everyday we tricked for treats. Saturday before we went to the zoo with Jack and Brittany. We will never go to the zoo to the trick or treat thing again. It had way to many people, too crazy not very fun. Monday we went to Grandma Summers and carved pumpkins and ate cookies. Randi helped Wyatt do an alien face it was cool. Tuesday we went to the Lowes home and had a scone party. Lori is so cute she had the kids trick or treat her house. Ben was the scone master. Wednesday Wyatt had his party at school. He played games and his teacher Miss Gretel gave each kid a pumpkin from her garden and they put faces on them. Friday we went up to Grammy Lyle's work party and got lots of candy. Then we trick or treated at Grandma Summers. It was really fun week, lots of sugar and parties.

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Melissa said...

You did have a crazy week! Holy Cow! Your kids look cute!!